Dead. Gone to the great beyond. Displaying naught but an "empty battery" icon on the top LCD. Deceased. This camera is no more. It's pushing up the daisies. It has kicked the great bucket in the sky. It has gone to meet it's maker after a mere ~5500 shots.

I am willing to bet real money that as soon as I send it away to be repaired, my back-ordered FA 50 will arrive promptly. Any takers? No? Didn't think so. This is the way of the Murphy.



I just won an auction for a K110D body on eBay, to use as a backup. $300USD is pretty cheap for some peace of mind as I have also promised to shoot a pair of friends' wedding this summer. Also, I'm thinking it will be a great walk-around and low-light camera, what with it being a lot lighter and smaller than the K10D and has ISO 3200 (the K10D stops at 1600).

I also considered the *ist D, DS, DS2 and Samsung GX-1S, but while the D is closest in feature set and operation to the K10D, it has only a 1.8" screen and uses CF/MD cards instead of SD as well as still being rather expensive for an old model camera. The DS is more affordable but still only a 2" screen while the DS2 and GX-1S are almost impossible to find as bargains. The main downside for the K100/110D are their pentamirror viewfinders, the others have pentaprisms. Compromises, compromises. Anyway, I set a low bid for the K110D, left the auction overnight and found I had won it in the morning. For that price, I can't complain.

/ Richie

FA 50 1.4

Of course. It arrived today.

/ Richie