SA 50-200

Samsung SA D-Xenon Schneider-Kreuznach 1:4-5.6 50-200mm

Friends having a ball

Two small girls playing soccer, silhouetted against wet asphalt

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Father and Son

A statue of a father kissing his son, silhouetted against a bright winter sun.

Statue in bronze by Olof Ahlberg, 1921. Badhusparken, Östersund.

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Rolling Iron

A dark blue motorcycle stands in front of a black bike in the background

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Heavy Iron

A silver and chrome motorcycle is parked in front of a green field

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Old Bikers Never Die

An old lady is pushing her bike up from the lake

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Heavy Machinery

Chrome on a motorcycle engine reflect another bike

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Fiery Mountain Sunset

The setting sun backlights the mountains, giving them a fiery edge

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The sun shines on snowy mountains through the clouds, creating sunspots

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Odd man out.

A single yellow rose in a garden filled with red roses

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Church sunrise

The rays of the morning sun shines through the mist, silhouetting a church against the sky

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